Effective Fuel Systems Inc. has been involved for years in the
Research and Development of devices that help to clean the
environment. Our focus has been in the reduction of harmful emissions of automotive vehicles, such as transport trucks
and buses.

Our R & D department is dedicated to find solutions to reduce
the impact these vehicles impose on the environment by
developing proprietary technologies that achieve a better burn
of the fuel in diesel engines.

Our goal is to improve the technology to get even better results
in the future.

A typical diesel engine's stochiometric ratio
is only about 20-25%. Improving on that with
even a small amount would be highly beneficial
in an environmental and engine efficiency's
point of view. Our fuel enhancement devices
create a condition which makes it possible to
achieve such an improvement.
All our innovations serve the purpose of
developing reliable, automatic, maintenance-
free, add-on devices, that work with diesel
transport trucks without affecting their normal
operation, and require minimal installation.